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ISAAC Open Legacy Cluster Transitions to SLURM

OIT High Performance & Scientific Computing will decommission the Torque/Moab job scheduler and workload manager on the ISAAC Open Legacy cluster (formerly ACF) and transition to SLURM workload manager on June 30, 2022 noon EST.  

What does this mean for ISAAC users? 

  • Jobs submitted using Torque/Moab commands will fail and will not be accepted after June 30, 2022 noon EST. 
  • The researchers using the ISAAC Legacy cluster will be required to transition their job scripts to SLURM by June 30, 2022 noon EST, as well as learn new SLURM job management commands. 
  • All academic course materials for academic courses starting Summer 2022 and beyond will need to be modified to use SLURM. 

Review these resources and schedules:  

SLURM Transition Plan 2022 — A schedule of planned events related to this transition 

Running Jobs with SLURM on ISAAC Legacy — Information on how to run jobs using SLURM on ISAAC Legacy 

SLURM vs PBS — The frequently used Torque/Moab commands and their equivalent SLURM commands.