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ISAAC Next Generation: New Cluster is Now Available for General Use

Isaac next generation

Infrastructure for Scientific Applications and Advanced Computing, ISAAC

A new cluster, the ISAAC Next Generation or ISAAC-NG, is now available for general use by the University research community. This cluster is made up of 48 new compute nodes with Intel Gold 6248R processors (48 cores) and 192 gigabytes of memory, 4 GPU nodes with Intel Gold 6248R processors (48 cores), and two NVIDIA V100S GPUs. There are also 20 compute nodes and 1 GPU node that are faculty investor-owned that are part of the cluster as well. That is a total of 73 nodes (68 compute and 5 GPU). This cluster uses SLURM (instead of Torque) for job submission and scheduling and has Open OnDemand available as well. 

Please visit the OIT High Performance & Scientific Computing page to access these resources, specifically the ISAAC-NG Access and Login page for information about how to access the system.

Getting Started with ISAAC

If you are new to ISAAC or would like a refresher, join us online via Zoom for a workshop series about using ISAAC resources between January 18 through January 21, 2022. Topics include introducing ISAAC resources, Open OnDemand, GPU Computing, and running jobs. Learn more about these sessions on OIT’s website.