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OIT News

Infrastructure for Scientific Applications and Advanced Computing (ISAAC) 

New resources have been added to the ISAAC Next Generation (ISAAC-NG) cluster for use by all of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville research community. The following new equipment is now available: 

  • 3 large memory Dell PowerEdge R750 compute nodes with 2 terabytes memory, 
  • 7 Dell PowerEdge R740 GPU nodes with one NVIDIA V100S GPU, 
  • 1 Dell PowerEdge R740 GPU node with two NVIDIA V100S GPUs, 
  • 1 Dell PowerEdge R750XA GPU nodes with four NVIDIA A40 GPUs and 54 terabytes NVMe burst buffer (node scratch space), 
  • 2 Dell PowerEdge R640 standard compute nodes  
  • Also, an additional Data Transfer Node is being put into production for ISAAC Next Generation cluster 

These resources can be access by using the SLURM job submission and scheduling system or with Open OnDemand. 

Please visit the OIT High Performance & Scientific Computing page to access these resources, specifically the ISAAC-NG Access and Login page for information about how to access the system. For the current list of equipment available in the ISAAC-NG cluster see the ISAAC-NG System Overview web page.