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Inclusive Course Design 

Inclusive Course Design, image of various sized people standing on boxes and reaching for limbs on a tree.

We help all students when we are intentional about accessibility in our course design. OIT offers several tools to help ensure equal opportunity and inclusion for all students: 

  • Design documents with legible fonts and colors, appropriate headings, and a logical structure
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  • Provide alternate text for all important images included in your online course materials. 
  • Use automatic closed captioning for all videos in Canvas Studio and Panopto and edit the captions for accuracy.
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  • Offer text transcripts of video content for students who may need or prefer them. 
  • Structure your Canvas courses with modules to establish a clear flow and clarify student requirements. 
  • Scan your Canvas courses for potential accessibility concerns using UDOIT.
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Focusing on accessibility throughout your design process will help prevent surprises and help ensure every student has the same opportunity to succeed in your course.