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How to get your tech toys online after the holidays

laptop, desktop, ipad, iphone

Did you pick up a new phone over the holidays? A new laptop? Gaming System? Streaming device? Kindle? Have you wondered how easy it would be to get your new gadgets online at UT?

For your laptops, phones, tablets, or any device with a web browser, the first step is to connect to UT’s guest wireless network, ut-open, and open a web browser. Once there, new devices are automatically directed to Follow the instructions to get registered. Once your device is registered, we recommend students, faculty, and staff then use the eduroam wireless network for secure access.

For anything without a web browser, go to and follow the instructions. To register your device, you will need to know the MAC address. Instructions for finding the MAC address for many popular devices, such as an Xbox, PlayStation, Kindle, or Apple TV are available in the Knowledge Base.

If you need assistance getting connected to UT’s network, contact the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.