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Did your class go hybrid on you? 

classroom with few students and professor

If you began the semester teaching face-to-face and you’ve found yourself trying to teach to both in-person and online students, we can help. Every classroom has its own nuances. Your teaching needs can be specific to your content, your teaching style, and the level of interaction and engagement you require from your students.  

Request a consult with an OIT trainer: We’ll walk you through connecting your laptop to the podium, check the audio and camera settings and help you understand what the students will be seeing in the classroom and online. View the instructions on setting up a consultation. (link to the new page about requesting help, below.) 

Start simple with Zoom: We usually recommend that you use the simplest solution to get a feel for the online and in-class lecture, and recording your live lecture. Watch this video: Connecting to Zoom and Projector for In-Class and Online Instruction.  

For more student interaction try the Cynap: If you want to use the in-classroom camera or normally write on a whiteboard and now need to use the document camera, Watch this video: connect Zoom and Cynap on the podium.  

Sound issues? Follow these basic steps to ensure that your online students can hear you from the Classroom sound troubleshooting guide.