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Clickers: Mobile Response App vs. Physical Device

“Clickers” is a generic term used to refer to a personal response system where an instructor can ask questions and students can respond. Years ago, classroom polling required students to use a physical “clicker” device, and the term has held over as technology changed. Today, the term “clickers” refers to both the physical device and the mobile option available from Turning (Echo360) in the TurningPoint app, allowing students to respond via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Using the mobile option rather than physical clickers in your class has several advantages. Here are just a few:

  • No additional cost to students
    The license for the mobile option is available for all students, staff, and faculty on campus.
  • Supports multiple teaching modalities
    Mobile options allow you to use TurningPoint in face-to-face, hybrid, online synchronous, and even asynchronous courses.
  • No additional instructor hardware required
    Unlike a physical clicker, the instructor does not need a receiver to gather responses. Students and instructors just need to connect to the internet.

To learn more, visit the OIT Personal Response Systems (Clickers) webpage and self-enroll in our Clicker Self-Service Training Resource.