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Facebook is a social networking tool that creates a virtual place for Facebook users to connect, share, collaborate, socialize, or simply “hang out.” Persons can access Facebook through computers, tablets and smartphones enabled with Internet access. Facebook users can choose to have updates sent to them via the Facebook application, text message or email (all requiring a Facebook account).

Facebook allows users to:

  • create a personal site and post short messages, pictures, video, links, updates, and more – to be shared with others;
  • search for friends who are Facebook users;
  • comment on friends’ sites;
  • communicate with Facebook users through private or public messages and chat;
  • create, join and collaborate in groups based on common interests.

Facebook’s social features may encourage student interactions and informal learning, and thus contribute to building an engaging learning community in an online course.

An instructor can create a:

  • Facebook Page to easily post announcements, events, short messages, pictures, video, links, and more. Students with or without Facebook accounts can view the Facebook Page updates.
  • group on Facebook for a class, or to simply encourage students to create their own groups. A Facebook group (with or without the instructor) creates an informal and familiar online venue for students who wish to stay connected during a course.
Review the guidelines in the University of Tennessee’s Social Media Best Practices, the UT Office of Communications and Marketing.


Getting Started

  • Create a Facebook account, edit your profile and modify your Facebook privacy settings.
  • Begin engaging your students by creating a Facebook Page. Facebook users will be able to respond to content from your Page by clicking the Like button.
  • Read articles and reports in the Resources section to learn more about Facebook use in the classroom.
  • Explore Facebook features and their suitability for your course.


UT Resources

University of Tennessee’s Social Media Best Practices, UT Office of Communications and Marketing.

Facebook Page Guides

Articles, Reports, and Presentations

OIT Help For a consultation on Facebook educational use, contact the OIT HelpDesk online ​or call ​(865) 974-9900.