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With Prezi, a storytelling tool, you can create a cloud based dynamic 3-D presentation with browsing capabilities throughout constructed frames loaded with your content, pictures, graphs, documents, YouTube clips, etc. This presentation is assigned a unique url that can be shared online. Prezi online software has a free license available to teachers and students. A presentation can only be created with a license; however, the shared Prezi url can be viewed by an audience that hasn’t registered for a Prezi license.
What you can do with Prezi:

  • Connect dots within the big picture of a presentation.
  • Organize related sets of content in an organized web or framework.
  • Select creative ways to navigate through material during presentation.
  • Review material in any order during a presentation.
  • Assign a group of 10 students to collaborate remotely on a Prezi presentation.
  • Convey complex ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Add drama and interest to presentations.
  • Appeal to both visual and auditory learners.
  • Integrate and relate key ideas with images, documents, charts, video, etc.
  • Store presentations in the Cloud.
  • Embed Prezi in a web page, e-mail,  share the URL via blackboard.



Comparing Prezi to PowerPoint



Design Tools
  • Reusable templates
  • Customization is possible
  • Frames, shapes, lines and arrows
  • Can simultaneously be developed by up to 10 users remotely and collaboratively.
  • Voice over option
  • Pre-formatted templates
  • Customization is easy
  • Slides
  • Voice over option
  • Can support a multitude of formatted video/images/audio files.
  • Can embed YouTube clips
  • Audio for navigation or frames
  • Can support a multitude of formatted video/images/audio files
  • Video or audio can play automatically or by clicking.
Special Effects
  • Zooming allows presenter to focus on any frame easily during delivery
  • Navigation options
  • Text can be hidden until presenter decides to reveal it in a frame
  • Animation created with flash files
  • PowerPoint offers a number of animation and sound effects
  • Transitions between slides
  • Text can be hidden until presenter decides to reveal it on a slide
  • Can be developed over many machines
  • Can share a direct url link to share Prezi
  • Can download presentation
  • The Prezi url can be emailed or posted on a webpage
  • “Portable Prezi” can be compressed into a stand alone file to present without internet connection
  • Developed on one machine
  • PowerPoint files can be quite large
  • Can easily save and edit presentation
  • Zooming offers presenter freedom in the delivery sequence of the Prezi
  • Could be tricky to deliver Prezi presentation without practice
  • Printing handouts is difficult, and layout options are not user friendly
  • Difficult to sort back through slides to reference an early concept presented
  • Presenter is given space for notes in presenter view to guide delivery
  • Easy to print PowerPoint hand-outs so audience can follow along or take notes.
User Interface
  • Familiar icons for tasks
  • Sidebar on side sequences frames presentation
  • No spellcheck
  • Power Point can be imported onto Prezi canvas
  • Sidebar on left of page makes for easy management of slides
  • Similar to other familiar Microsoft office interface.
  • Spellcheck as similar in Microsoft
  • takes practice
  • Embedded videos only work with internet connection
  • Wow Factor!
  • PowerPoint is only available on individual computers.

Consulted:   White, Nicole L. (2011). Prezi v. PowerPoint: Finding the right tool for the job. (Thesis).  State University of New York Institute of Technology, Utica, NY.

Getting Started


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Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing Shortcuts



Presenting Shortcuts

CMD/CTRL + P: Present

Right and left arrows: move forward and backward a step

ESC: Exit fullscreen


Instructors may request OIT’s Free Help creating course materials with Prezi, which includes a consultation and small-scope development assistance. For details, contact the OIT HelpDesk online ​or call ​(865) 974-9900.


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