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Instructional Design & Support

Dr. Elizabeth Strand

How Does One Teach Behavioral Skills in an Online​ Class? Ask Dr. Strand!​

Dr. Elizabeth Strand, the Director of the Veterinary Social Work Program, taught the online mediation class in Summer 2015. Her goal was for students to develop three basic behavioral mediation skills: staying calm in a conflict situation, active and reflective listening, and performing the actual steps of mediation.

According to Dr. Stand, developing an online class was quite different from developing a regular class, “In the face-to-face class, sometimes I feel like the students are guiding everything.” When developing the online course, the instructor had to be very intentional and specific about online activities that would help students practice and attain the desired skills.

Dr. Strand describes student activities and technology tools used in her online course, such as asyncronous online discussions, student reflections in blogs, listening to audio to practice techniques of staying calm in the midst of a conflict, pair-share live online sessions, role-playing video recordings, self- and peer assessment, and more. ​​​View the Spotlight video for details.

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