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Instructional Design & Support

Tricia Phillips, Mathematics

Creating Online Components for a Calculus Course 

Math 125:  Basic Calculus

In an effort to assist Malissa Peery in converting her flipped Basic Calculus course into a fully online course, I plan to develop four components necessary for a web-based delivery. First, I will design an instructional activity in WebAssign to teach students how to utilize the features needed to show their work and enter answers in that platform. I will use this activity to create a demonstration video and will also design a follow-up WebAssign assignment for individual practice. Second, I will convert Malissa’s concept check PowerPoint slides into WebAssign assignments that students complete prior to the group activities corresponding to each lesson. The third component that I will rework is called Integration Practice. I will replace the current version with a WebAssign version utilizing the “show your work” feature. The final activity I plan to transform is called Rough Draft Graphs and is currently completed by students using paper and pencil. I will turn it into a Google Doc-based exercise.


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