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Instructional Design & Support

Darina Sarelska

Reporting for digital first newsrooms- big data and web analytics in the classroom. Redesigning a Journalism Course to reflect the changing nature of the industry

JREM 230 Multimedia Reporting

As data-driven journalism becomes a significant part in news reporting process, this project seeks to enhance the learning experience of UT journalism students by bringing it a step closer to the real live industry environment. By adding a digital first approach to JREM 230 – Multimedia Reporting, the course will provide a more current reflection of evolving professional expectations in contemporary newsrooms. In a converging media environment when news is not only read, but also watched, clicked, shared and liked, the industry is constantly reinventing itself in search of the new sustainable business model. Consequently a “digital first strategy” comes to dominate the market, demanding that publishers release content into new media channels before their traditional platform, to be able to reach audiences in their natural platform of choosing. Applying similar web-based approach in a classroom environment could be beneficial.