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Instructional Design & Support

Amy Heger, Psychology

Turning Metacognition into Mobile-cognition: Educational benefits of Experience Sampling

PSYC 360: Social Psychology

I plan to implement new technology in my social psychology course to promote metacognitive processes, and ultimately, enhance attainment of learning outcomes. Data on how and when students study will be collected in real-time with mobile surveys the week before an exam through a process called experience sampling. Students’ personal data will then be presented back to them on Blackboard. Subsequently, as a means to facilitate metacognition, they will complete a reflection assignment in a Blackboard journal that will prompt them to interpret their data and create a study plan and goals for the next exam. Lastly, I will gather students’ feedback on the entire experience using a Blackboard survey. The information collected in this project will not only be beneficial for understanding the relationship between metacognition and academic performance, it will be beneficial for the students involved to learn how to self-regulate their learning and apply metacognitive knowledge and skills to future academic endeavors.

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