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Instructional Design & Support

Project RITE Archives

2016 Projects​

UT Knoxville:

Let’s Talk: Increasing Discussion in a Synchronous Online Research Course

Dr. Karee Dunn, Educational Psychology & Counseling
UT Martin:

Envisioning History: A Digital Humanities Hybrid Course

Dr. Trisha Capansky, English and Modern Foreign Languages

Enhancing Pre-Service K-12 Teachers’ Science Instructional Strategies Using Technology Integration

Dr. Louis Glover, Educational Studies

Disseminating Instructional Technology Expertise: Creating Accessible Course Materials at UTM – Workshop for Faculty Representatives

Dr. Harriette Spiegel, IT Center, and Tara Tansil-Gentry, Health and Human Performance

Literacy and Numeracy: Enhancing Higher Level Thinking Through Technology Integration

Drs. Kimberly G. Williams and Karen S. DiBella, Educational Studies

2015 Projects

UT Knoxville:

Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers for Data Driven Decision Making With Today’s Technology

Dr. Karee Dunn, Educational Psychology & Counseling

The Efficacy of Orthographic Input On the Learning of Mandarin Chinese Words By Students At Different Chinese Proficiency Levels

Dr. Yen-Chen Hao, Modern Foreign Literature and Language

Increasing Engagement With Independent Student Projects Supported By Institutional Resources

Will Schleter and Dr. Rachel McCord, Engineering Fundamentals
UT Martin:

Studying World War II via Digital Humanities

Dr. Trisha Capansky, History & Philosphy; English & Modern Foreign Language

Comparison Between Online Quantitative Web-based Assignments and Traditional Textbook-based Assignments on Student Learning

Dr. Hui-chaun Chen, Management, Marketing, Computer Science & Information Systems

Enhancing Pre-Service Teachers’ Instructional Strategies Using Cross-Curricular Technology Integration

Dr. Louis Glover, Dr. Kimberly Williams, and Karen DiBella, Educational Studies

Evaluating Social Media and Its Impact on Engagement, Assessment and Evaluation in Economics Courses

Dr. Darshak Patel, Accounting, Finance, Economics and Political Science

Teaching Online: Pre-service K-12 Teachers’ Concerns

Dr. Glenda Rakes, Educational Studies

Achieving Learning Outcomes and Enhancing the Learning Process: The Use of Auxiliary Online Learning Materials and Face-to-Face Tools to Facilitate Effective Learning and Teaching

Dr. Donald Shaw, Dr. Harriette Spiegel and Tara Tansil-Gentry, Health and Human Performance, Biological Sciences, and Information Technology Services

Service-learning in Higher Education: Is There a Difference Between Online Courses and Face-to-Face Delivery?

Dr. Terry Silver, Educational Studies

Does a Technology Integration Course Make Pre-Service Teachers TPACK-ready?

Dr. Michael Spaulding, Educational Studies

Utilizing Today’s Technology to Enhance Tomorrow’s Literacy Demands

Dr. Kimberly Williams and Karen DiBella, Educational Studies

2014 Projects​

UT Knoxville

Pilot Study: Second Life as a Career Exploration Tool

Dr. John Lounsbury and Nancy Foster, Psychology, UT Knoxville

Using an Interactive Multimedia Text to Replace Lecture: Effects on Learning

Dr. Blanche O’Bannon, Theory & Practice in Teacher Education, UT Knoxville

Research of Instructional Technology in Education: CFS320 Hybrid

Dr. Heidi Stolz, Child & Family Studies, UT Knoxville

Dr. Jennifer Gramling, Online Programs, UT Knoxville

UT Martin:

The Case for the Use of Clickers in the UTM Classroom. Responding to Faculty Reticence at the University of Tennessee Martin: Why the Benefits of Adopting an Audience Response System (ARS) Outweigh the Negatives

Dr. Harriette Spiegel, Information Technology Services, UT Martin
Tara Tansil-Gentry, Health and Human Performance, UT Martin

K-12 Teacher Concerns Towards Teaching Online

Dr. Glenda Rakes, Educational Studies, UT Martin

Online Courses and Service-Learning Issues and Successes

Dr. Terry Silver, Educational Studies, UT Martin

Student- vs. Teacher-centered Technology Integrated Approach: Using a Technology Integration Course to Create Change in Beliefs Among Pre-Service Teachers

Dr. Michael Spaulding, Educational Studies, UT Martin

Integrating Web 2.0 Tools to Engage Pre-Service Teachers

Dr. Kimberly Williams and Karen Dibella, Educational Studies UT Martin