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Instructional Design & Support

Faculty First 2014 Participants

Percussion Resource Center

Dr. Andrew M. Bliss, Assistant Professor

School of Music

The aim of the Percussion Resource Center project is to create an online resource for the UT Percussion Studies Area which will revolutionize my curriculum and pedagogy through the use of technology. This project will create the necessary opportunity for students to have context surrounding the music they study. Academic readings, listenings, digital study materials, practice quizzes, and online exams will be integrated into a more traditional music performance education, allowing students to understand the history of our craft and to then imagine how their future could unfold, utilizing this context.

Read Bliss final report (PDF)


Math 115 Statistics at Your Fingertips: An Interactive Online Learning Module

Bob Guest, Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics

​This project will use Adobe Captivate software to create a single, web based, interactive resource that will encompass virtually every aspect of the instructional content of Math 115 Introduction to statistical reasoning.  This learning module will allow students to approach the course material from different perspectives; by chapter, by concept and by question type. After answering a few questions regarding what the student wants to learn more about they will be guided to any number of learning tools.  The module will include multi-media explanations of concepts and formulas with example problems, problems for self-testing, calculator demonstrations, correct symbol pronunciations and more.

Project Links:

Read Guest final report (PDF)

Developing the Online Course of RCS 341: Consumers in the Marketplace

Dr. Youn-Kyung Kim, Professor

Department of Retail, Hospitality, & Tourism Management

​RCS 341 Consumers in the Marketplace has been taught every semester with a large number of students in each class. There has been a need to offer a summer class; however, the class time starting at 8am every morning has hindered many students to take the summer class because of their summer planning such as internship and work experience. The online course will provide time and place flexibility for students from majors in our department and other majors across the university. Consumer behavior is a fundamental concept students must learn in order to better serve their customers and clients in different disciplines including retailing, hospitality and tourism management, education, communication, and marketing. This online course will serve the need of students in these disciplines.

Read Kim final report (PDF)

A STEM-based German Language Sustainability Curriculum Unit for Student Success in the 21 Century Global Marketplace

Dr. Stefanie Ohnesorg, Associate Professor

Dr. Maria Gallmeier, Senior Lecturer

Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures

​The purpose of this proposal is to obtain assistance in developing online modules for teaching a STEM-based sustainability curriculum unit in German to students in the second year German language program at UT and in an AP/IB German Language course in West High School (Knoxville).

The project for which we seek support involves the production of the 10 online instructional units that will build the core structure of the curriculum unit. The online instructional units will provide comprehensible, visually supported explanations of the STEM-based material in German along with 10 corresponding online vocabulary training modules.