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Student Assistant – Assistant Account Administrator

New Position Available

Position summary:

This student worker position will perform High Performance and Scientific Computing tasks associated with the research computing cluster account management, administration, and communications work specifically related to supporting, managing, maintaining and reporting on ACF and Secure Enclave project onboarding, account creation, and account management and associated communications (IT Weekly, email notifications, website notices, etc.) related to the research mission of the University.

Job Functions/Responsibilities:

40% Account Management

  • Manage open research enclave computing projects and user accounts
  • Report on research computing projects and user accounts
  • Manage secure research enclave computing projects and user accounts including helping faculty and researchers submit requests via the secure enclave intake form process
  • Improve open research enclave and secure research enclave account processes and procedures with a focus on automation
  • Be aware of and follow all University and OIT policies and procedures

30% User Assistance

  • Be aware of and assist researchers in gaining access to research computing resources
  • Provide Level 1 and Level 2 service request assistance to users to address their access, login, project and other issues
  • Monitor and make sure service requests are making progress towards closure and completion
  • Be aware of and follow all OIT research computing policies and procedures for providing service request support

30% Communications

  • Update, maintain, and correct the content of the HPSC website for documentation
  • Create video based documentation on account and project requests and other topics
  • Develop IT Weekly stories, announcements, news items, pamphlets, etc.
  • Send emails periodically to research community about outages, new resources, and other announcements
  • Follow OIT guidelines, policies and procedures on communications content and language

To apply, send a resume to Victor Hazlewood at